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Our Top Tips for Cycling in Bythlon

You’ve ordered your Bythlon pedals and cleats – congratulations! Now let’s prepare you for your cycling journey…

1. Buy a good pair of road shoes

Ensure you own a pair of three screw road shoes. Bythlon cleats connect to any three screw road shoe. With a vast amount of options you’ll be spoilt for choice. Watch our video on how to fit your Bythlon cleats to your road shoes properly – an important factor to ensure optimum comfort during your rides.

How to mount cleats to road shoes
2. Practise

Bythlon works via form-fitting technology, meaning that the cleat aligns with the pedal to safely connect you to your bike. We recommend taking a few minutes to practise aligning your foot before you set off on your first ride. Don’t worry if this takes a few attempts, you’ll still be able to pedal even if your foot isn’t connected, meaning no falls!

3. Don’t walk in your cleats

Of course you’re going to grab a coffee and take the odd pit stop, however try not to walk on the fronts of your feet – this will wear the cleats and you’ll need to order spares sooner rather than later. This applies to any cleat, hence the funny walk of the road shoe wearing cyclist.

4. Keep your cleats clean

It is good form to give your bike a clean at the end of each ride, so don’t forget to include your Bythlons in the process. Dirt can accumulate between the cleat moulds which will impact the connection. You can use a brush to get in between the moulds and keep them in great condition for the ride. If they start to fray through wear and tear, simply file them to smooth.

5. Push and pull

We’re often asked about the “upstroke” in Bythlon. Whilst the upstroke is a source of much debate, Bythlon’s form fitting technology coupled with momentum, will secure you to the pedal adequately so you can drive power through the pedals on the most steepest of ascent or quickest descent. The circular momentum gained through pedalling ensures your feet stay securely in place.

6. Ride with confidence

You no longer need to worry about slipping and sliding on your flat pedals, you need not worry about encountering any “clipless moments” – Bythlon was invented to encourage cyclists to ride with confidence. Take on that notorious hill you’ve been putting off for months, push your average mph, increase your distance and time in the saddle – ride with confidence in award winning pedals.

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