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Bythlon wins Red Dot Design Award

Bythlon have been awarded the coveted Red Dot Award in the product design category for our innovative clipless pedal system. The prize is the world’s largest design competition and is awarded after careful consideration by an international panel of experts.

The innovative pedal system works via form-fitting technology, whereby the cleat attaches to a dual-sided multi-fit pedal, enabling cyclists to easily step in and out of the pedal whilst ensuring an efficient, safe and ergonomic cycling experience.

The Bythlon pedal system can be attached to any bike and is compatible with any three-screw road shoe.

Red Dot recognises Bythlon design excellence

This year’s Red Dot Award is a much-desired seal of approval that rewards the tireless innovation and development hours Bythlon’s German and Taiwanese design teams invested in this game-changing clipless pedal system.

The Red Dot Design Award is an international design prize which has run since 1955. Based in Essen, Germany, the Red Dot is a coveted prize which recognises innovation in product, brand and communication design. It has been awarded to iconic products like Apple Macbook, HP Elitebook and Honda 1000CBRR-Fireblade.

This year’s Red Dot award was hotly contested by products from 60 countries, submitted by a range of leading brands and design studios, all united by their commitment to outstanding design quality. In a letter to Bythlon, Red Dot founder and CEO Dr. Peter Zec wrote:

“Never before in the more than 60-year history of our design competition have so many companies and design studios faced the professional judgment of our international jury as this year… The fact that you claimed your place in a strong field of participants speaks for the excellent quality of your product”.
Red Dot Design Award Jury Session

The Bythlon performance pedal system was launched into the UK market by Sarah Matarazzo and Ben Parry in November 2020. Sarah, a keen cyclist, was searching for a safer alternative to clipless pedals. On discovering the Bythlon system it was clear this was the future alternative to clipless pedal design, and that an enthusiastic audience awaited in Britain.

The real innovation of the Bythlon pedal system is that it prevents foot slippage and allows for efficient healthy cycling without locking the rider to their pedals like other rivals on the market. This ensures the perfect, safe cycle without panic at sudden stops, traffic light wobbles, or awkward dismounting mishaps.

Red Dot Award: Product design 2021

Bythlon are proud to take their place amongst the world’s leading brands as a Red Dot Winner. The innovative pedal system will be showcased during Red Dot Design Week which runs from 21st to 25th June, and will be presented at the Red Dot Museum during 2021.

The Red Dot Museum hosts an annual celebration of state of the art design exhibits. It spans more than five floors and 4000 square meters of space, and was designed by celebrated British architect Lord Norman Foster.

“This has been a huge achievement for Bythlon” said UK Bythlon Partner Sarah Matarazzo.

“We are still at the early stages of introducing this product into the UK, helping cyclists to understand that there’s a safe alternative to clipless pedals, without reverting to flat pedals”.

“It’s marvellous to achieve such an accolade, a true testament to the quality of the Bythlon system. With the design award under our belts, we are hoping to expand into France and Ireland, who are both nations passionate about road cycling. Having a Red Dot Award gives us the confidence to continue the Bythlon journey abroad”.

With this prestigious design accolade under their belt, and an ambitious growth plan in place, the road is wide open for Bythlon’s continued success.

Bythlon Performance Pedal System