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Why choose Bythlon?

In a market flooded with apparel, gadgets and gizmos, one can be forgiven for being easily confused when researching cycling products.

An area of great debate and opinion is often which pedal to choose. 

At the beginners end of the spectrum there is the flat pedal. Versatile and simple, these allow cycling newcomers to ride in their trainers, or any footwear of choice, and immediately step out without worry or concern. Many cyclists begin their journey in flat pedals, and as their confidence and ability gradually increase, often is the desire to upgrade their pedals.

Another option is cyclists riding in MTB SPD’s. This is a clipless pedal system but uses a two screw connection, commonly seen for those who ride mountain bikes or hybrids. There’s great debate over why this option is used when road cycling, particularly when you have the traditional three screw road shoe option…

The traditional clipless pedal system uses a three screw road shoe which connects you to your bike. A popular favourite amongst regular cyclists, clipless allows you to gain full momentum whilst cycling as your feet are unable to lift out of your pedal, giving cyclists a full 360% degree rotation. Clipless is a great option for cyclists who are confident riders and have no issues with being locked to their bikes.

The new alternative to clipless pedals and current clipless pedal challenger is Bythlon. Bythlon was innovated as a safer alternative for cyclists. Bythlon’s creator Martin Feuerhahn almost suffered a serious accident whilst climbing and decided it was time to challenge this system.

Bythlon offers the same feeling of connection as clipless, although cyclists are not locked to their bikes, but rather, connected. The cleat is suitable with any three screw road shoe and is designed to reverse the pedal design, meaning the cleat moulds into the pedal when you engage your foot. Through the momentum gained whilst pedalling, your feet stay firmly connected to the pedals at all times, regardless of speed or gradient. When you come to a slow, or a stop, you then lift your foot out of the pedal. 

Not only does this solve the worry of “clipless moments” for cyclists, the Bythlon pedal system is an excellent option for those recovering from injury.

Undertaking the “twist” action to unlock from traditional clipless is somewhat of an unnatural movement. For those with hip, knee or ankle injuries, this often means that traditional clipless isn’t a viable option. Bythlon is an ideal solution and by allowing the cyclist to lift up and step out of the pedal, doesn’t require any uncomfortable movements.

Demonstrating how to step in and out of Bythlon with ease

Bythlon offers a care-free alternative to clipless, allowing cyclists to ride with confidence, knowing the cleat and pedal system won’t result in any nasty falls, wobbles or injuries.

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