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Bythlon Pedal – Complete System

(19 customer reviews)


The only pedal that enables your maximum performance without locking you in.

Introduction Offer – Complete set of 2 pedals, 2 cleats, 6 washers, and 6 screws. Lightweight glass fibre polyamide compound pedal-body with durable Cr-Mo Axle. Durable cleat plate with abrasion-resistant and anti-slip TPU cleats, non-marking. Fits all common road-race shoes with the 3-bolts configuration.


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19 reviews for Bythlon Pedal – Complete System

  1. Philip (verified owner)

    Took my first ride with these new Bythlon pedals and I love them already, a real game changer. The main thing is stepping in and out of these is a piece of cake.
    I have recently had a Hip replacement and feel very nervous using my old cleats, but already confident enough with these to pull up at a T junction and balance, knowing I can step out in a split second without worrying about keeling over, previously I was unclipping half way down the road.
    Now looking forward to covering many more relaxing miles, I would recommend these to anyone.

  2. Ruth Drake

    I wanted the benefits of cleats but was nervous about falls, having seen a few friends have accidents! The Bythlon pedals have been the perfect compromise for me- more efficient pedalling without the worry.

  3. Ms Clark

    New to road biking in 2020. Felt pressured to buy cleats but knew I just would not get on with them. I certainly felt just using flat pedals I was at a disadvantage. When I came across these I like many wasn’t sure how effective they would be. I am so pleased I brought them and have never looked back. Yes they may be more than most standard cleats but they are worth every penny. I feel more powerful and in control and love how easy it is to take your foot out when required. It has enhanced my road riding experience and I know I won’t ever need to use cleats. If you have any doubts check all the reviews, you won’t be disappointed.

  4. Laura Van Zyl

    Not looked back since putting these on the bike – so easy to get feet in and out of the cleats. Highly recommend.

  5. Claire FOXALL

    What a brilliant system and design! Thank you for taking all the fear out of cycling for me ! Absolutely love these and would recommend them to anyone.

  6. Katherine

    Bought these in September. Great service. First ride using them I was so nervous as I have never used clips before. I needn’t have been. So easy to use and step out so easily. It has made a big difference to my performance on the bike and I can definitely get up hills quicker than before. Love my bythlons and highly recommend.

  7. Ingrid Thorpe

    These pedals are great. It didn’t take much time at all to adapt and it’s great to be able to put your foot down when needed. If I don’t want to wear my cycling shoes the pedals are perfect for any shoe. Very glad I got them.

  8. Edward Ng

    I love this pedal and cannot return to use clipness pedal. It gives me the same security while pedaling but reduce the risk that the foot cannot detach from the pedal. You will get more safety in riding.

    Great design!

  9. Kelvin Lucas

    I purchased the system and can say I have no regrets. I have had no problems pulling my foot out when I stop or when an emergency arises. Big A+ from me on quality and shipping. I recommend this system to anyone wanting to be clipped in but not locked in.

  10. Danny

    I love them work great from day one. A great product.

  11. V Fraser

    Was initially a bit sceptical about these pedals and they aren’t cheap. Having now tried them I’d say they are worth every penny simply for the peace of mind they offer that you can take your foot out easily, whatever position your foot is in! Plus, your foot is nice and secure on the pedal and won’t slip off, as with flat pedals. I did try cleats a few years ago. I had a few of the seemingly obligatory ‚ Del Boy sideways topples at first, but even afterwards found I was not enjoying my rides as was constantly worrying I’d have to unclip at short notice, and wouldn’t manage it in time. The other day I was cycling and came up to a short, steep hill. Didn’t change gear in time and came to a standstill, but could lift foot out no problem. Highly recommended!

  12. Catrina Macrae

    Just finished a bike ride with my Bythlon pedals and cleats – absolutely love them. The cleats engage really easily and I felt secure and yet so easy to disengage. Hills were not a problem; I climbed 3000 ft and there wasn’t a lack of power. Prior to Bythlon pedals I was anxious about negotiating junctions and riding through traffic but I have new-found confidence. Thank you Martin and team for a fantastic product from a very happy cyclist.

  13. Steph Gale

    These really do work! Perfect foot alignment and you can step off panic free every time. I feel vindicated for years of claiming you don’t need to be attached to your pedals to be a real cyclist

  14. Marcus Higley

    “I have had the pedals for a few days and used them for about 50 miles with a mixture of off road and road use.

    I think they are absolutely brilliant so much better climbing than flats and your feet don’t come off the pedals on rough terrain, yet so easy to pull out of when things go awry!! Would never go back to clipless. “

  15. Jo Cornwell

    These are game changers!!! Im currently going through cancer treatment and my joints are painful from chemo. I have been struggling to clip in and twist out of my SPD pedals due to the discomfort. I can no longer clip in and out without a struggle. I saw these on Facebook and took a chance as the video looked convincing . They arrived just over a week after ordering which was amazing, I was expecting a longer wait. Good quality packaging I had my first ride in them today and Im in love with them! So easy to clip in and out, and there is absolutely no loss of power. I rode two 7% gradients today, and whilst my foot wiggled a little, I didnt detach from the pedal. Off the bike they feel bulkier than SPD cleats but thats not an issue at all. I was going to use them until I had regained some strength and got my pain management under control, then move back to SPDs but I honestly think I will leave these on permanently. These really are awesome and Im glad I took a chance on them!

  16. Martin Slade

    I started cycling in London for commuting, but gradually got keener on doing longer rides. Serious cyclists said you’ll need cleats, as the next logical progression. I tried SPDs and promptly came a cropper falling over with wrong foot released at the traffic lights. I persevered but the next falling-over incident gave me a broken elbow. What with now wanting to carry my child on the back of a bike there was no way I could carry on risking life and limb for me or my daughter. So that was the end of that – until I saw the Bythlon product advertised. The power of cleats but able to get out without even thinking about it – I had to give that a go. What a game-changer! The pedals ooze quality, beautifully machined and sturdy. The cleats are easily screwed onto the underside of 3-hole cycling shoes. Set to go – and I’ve tried a few 50 mile rides and Zwift HC climbs with them now, and has made me I would estimate 10% faster than with ordinary pedals. Also I’m more comfortable, as feet are always in the right place. Getting out is a thought-free process. For cyclists who are used to clipping in and out then they probably cannot see the point, but if there are any other cyclists like me who’s brain does not seem to engage in time with unclipping then these are perfect. The Bythlon team were great to deal with as well, as they had to cope with corona-virus impact on distribution, but I was kept informed and got a discount too.

  17. Chris D

    Really helped me to step up my game on the bike this year. Easy to fit and even easier to use, thanks!

  18. David Goodey

    Received the pedals this morning fitted them to my bike and shoes in 10 minutes. Within 2 miles I was hooked. These pedals are definitely for me as I never did feel safe in full clip ins. It was a pleasure to cycle with a product that gave the feel of clip ins but the Luxury of being able just to step off. Would never go back.

  19. Jane Bates

    Well where should I start ? Postage was amazing and they arrived only a few days after I purchased them. Great packaging and instructions. The pedals were easy to fit to my bike and the clipless cleat also was easy to fit to my cycling shoes… obviously I was worried at first as i have fallen previously with cleats… but today Sunday 9th August I did a massive ride in them 88.2km to be precise… I felt very comfortable at junctions as I could just lift my foot up and straight out.. they were fabulous on the hill climbs too ! A million percent I would recommend the Bythlon clipless system if youve been unsuccessful in using cleats these are the pedal for you !

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