Clipless Pedals Alternative

An Award-Winning Alternative to Clipless Pedals

How do Bythlon pedals work?

The Bythlon system is an ideal solution for any road cyclist who wants the benefits of riding in a road shoe, without being locked to the bike. No more worrying about wobbles, falls or accidents.

Bythlon allows for the perfect, safe cycling experience without locking the cyclist into their pedals.

  • No more accidental slip of the feet
  • No more panic at sudden stops
  • No more traffic light wobbles
  • No more awkward dismounting mishaps

Bythlon cleats align with Bythlon pedals to create a connection that feels natural, without fixing you to your bike. Simply step in and step out of your pedals whenever you need to.


Who Is Bythlon Most Suitable For?

Anyone who rides with flat pedals

Anyone with anxiety about “clipping in”

Anyone recovering from injury

Anyone who wants an alternative to clipless